Social media monitoring in patient communication using the example of the CED Forum

Darstellung der CED Forum App inklusive Smartwatch und Echo Dot

In the age of digitalization, patient communication via social media has become an indispensable part of the healthcare sector. The IBD Forum, a platform with over 250,000 downloads and 50,000 registered patients with chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), impressively demonstrates how the monitoring tool evalii® is revolutionizing this field by ensuring data protection compliance and efficiency without replacing human monitoring and decision-making. Over the years, many thousands of comments, conversations and messages have been analyzed in this active community. This has not only led to a significant number of pharmacovigilance-reportable events, but also to numerous follow-ups, where subsequent investigations and precise follow-up ensured thorough processing of these events. Through this intensive monitoring and dedicated management of follow-ups, the IBD Forum has not only been able to contribute to the drug safety of its users, but also to provide valuable insights into medical care and patient care. 

Specialized expertise in action

The role of humans within the evalii® system is crucial for the precision and reliability of our monitoring. Our team consists of professionals with specialized knowledge in medicine, pharmacy, veterinary science, biochemistry and other relevant areas. These experts use the evalii® system to quickly and economically validate the pre-processed data. If necessary, they immediately initiate the necessary steps to comply with pharmacovigilance reporting obligations. 

In addition to pharmacovigilance-specific monitoring, we employ professional social media managers who not only take on online moderation but also carry out editorial tasks. This combination of in-depth technical expertise and state-of-the-art technology enables evalii® to ensure comprehensive and precise monitoring of social media and other digital communication channels. This strengthens our customers' confidence in reliable monitoring that both complies with regulatory requirements and ensures the protection and safety of users. 

Data protection compliance in data analysis 

evalii® ensures that the processing of communication data is carried out in accordance with the strict data protection regulations of the GDPR and the European data protection guidelines by using "blinding" of relevant data. Our advanced technologies, including the anonymization of personal information before analysis, guarantee that the privacy of users is protected, while at the same time valuable insights can be gained from the data. 

Through these procedures, evalii® enables its customers to process data in compliance with all legal requirements. We also offer services that include the use of artificial intelligence and other advanced analysis techniques. These tools allow essential information about patient interests, product use and competitive situations to be extracted despite the high data protection standards. 

This privacy-friendly approach allows our customers not only to comply with legal requirements, but also to use the data to optimize their products and services, which would not be possible without evalii®. 

Economic and legal benefits of monitoring

The implementation of evalii® in the CED Forum illustrates how social media monitoring can not only be made practical and economically sustainable, but also consistently meets regulatory and legal requirements. evalii® combines automated data collection and analysis with human monitoring, reducing the need for constant personnel deployment and thus significantly reducing costs. Our customers benefit from a comprehensive monitoring solution that is not only cost-effective and reliable, but is also well moderated at all times. 

In addition to complying with all regulatory requirements of pharmacovigilance, evalii® also ensures compliance with the German Medicines Advertising Act (HWG) and other legal provisions. This ensures that communication within the community is not only actively managed, but also always complies with the legal framework, which offers additional legal certainty for our customers. 

evalii® in action: How adaptive social media monitoring prevents crises

evalii® adapts flexibly to the specific requirements of each customer and works according to the established guidelines and directives. In addition, thanks to the early detection of trends and moods in communication, our system enables potential crises such as shitstorms or spam to be effectively identified and proactively prevented.  

The combination of technology and human expertise makes evalii® an indispensable tool in social media monitoring, which not only ensures compliance and data protection, but also helps to build a safe and engaged online community.